Thursday, November 7, 2013

Find If My iPhone Is Turned On or Off: Why This Is Important

Are you going to get an iPhone this year? Have you heard about iOS 7 introduced this fall? Apple offers new features in this mobile firmware and Activation Lock is one of them. This is a good security protection yet it can become your headache if you don’t use Find My iPhone Activation Lock checker before making your purchase.

Here is why it is so important to know whether the lock status is on or off. Activation Lock option is used to block unauthorized access to iPhone. Each time the device reboots or restored its owner is asked to enter Apple ID and passcode to unlock it. If this information is forgotten or unavailable you can’t access the gadget.

Activation Lock works together with Find My iPhone application. If you turn this app on, Activation Lock is turned on automatically. When the locked iPhone is being unlocked the program sends a special command asking you for your ID / passcode.

Reasons for checking whether Find My iPhone is turned on or off:

1)      You don’t want to buy a non-working smartphone that is blocked by Activation Lock iOS 7 option and this can be a problem if you purchase via Craglist, eBay and other sites or resellers
2)      You wish to unlock your iPhone from the carrier it is locked to and don’t want to get stuck with Activation Lock option being turned on
3)      You are not sure that the previous owner will give you his ID and passcode to unlock your smartphone [if he or she turned on Find My iPhone]
4)      You don’t want to always remember your ID and password to unlock and activate iDevice when Activation Lock is turned on

This iOS 7 Activation Lock checker will save your time, nerves and money as it will tell you for sure whether Find My iPhone is enabled or disabled judging by this information you can purchase the device from the seller you chose or find another reseller. You can also bypass Find My iPhone iOS 7 activation lock if you happened to have Find My iPhone on and you know about this fact.


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