Friday, November 15, 2013

Is Your iPhone Number Blocked by iOS 7 User?

iOS 7 introduced a new option. Now all iOS 7 users can block phone numbers they don’t want to get phone calls from. How can you tell if someone blocks you on this firmware? We’ll explain how it works and what situations can make you curious and suppose you are already blocked by the person you are trying to reach.
There is no need to feel paranoid. These clues will help you realize that you are blocked or leave these bad thoughts. Still keep in mind that you can’t know everything for sure unless the person who you are calling tells you that you are blocked. Everything else is just clues and tips.

You Call the iOS 7 iPhone That Blocks You

Let’s imagine the situation that someone has blocked you on their iPhone running iOS 7 firmware. If you ring that phone number you will hear that it is unavailable but you can leave a message. Don’t think that your message will reach the receiver. No, the handset will got receive your message. It will also not deliver any notification to the phone’s owner.

You Message the Handset That Blocks You

If you are trying to send a text message to the gadget that blocks SMS from you everything will look ordinary to you. You will see that the message is sent. Don’t expect any errors. But your receiver will not get any SMS or notifications from your phone number.

Your Phone Is Blocked by iOS 7 Smartphone

You have been blocked if you can’t reach a person after numerous attempts [you are just directed to voicemail each time you are making a phone call after the phone rings just one time] and your SMS messages are left unanswered.

This method is not foolproof but you can start worrying when you get no luck in trying to reach someone.


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