Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Turn BlackBerry into iPhone: Fast Solution

Are you used to BlackBerry device and wish iPhone to have similar keyboard? Is it the only reason why you don’t switch to Apple smartphone? Here is a solution that solves the problem letting you start using the popular iOS handset with BlackBerry-like keyboard.

Actually, Apple was always proud to release a handset that looks simple without any complex built-in keyboards etc. BlackBerry devices are different and there are people who actually like them over iPhone because of the fixed keyboard. If you are one of these people you can now turn your iPhone into BlackBerry-like model by using one specific accessory.

iPhone with BlackBerry Keyboard: How to Make It Happen

I am talking about iOS keyboard case created by Ryan Seacrest. This accessory does look as being inspired by BlackBerry gadgets. This keyboard is physical and allows users typing everything they need without having to use the virtual keyboard. Such thing is useful to those who are typing a lot and are always into sending SMS messages or emails to their friends and partners.

The case makes iPhone 1-inch thicker but this Typo keyboard accessory can make your iPhone much easier to use for a lot of typing. As case designers note, such a product makes typing on the Apple smartphone about 50 percent faster almost without errors and typos. Another good thing about this case is that it let’s you use 40 percent more display space than if you type via virtual iPhone keyboard.

According to developers, they were inspired to build such a case when they got tired of having two smartphones instead of one. The iPhone was used for playing games, listening to music and doing other virtual things while the regular phone was used for correspondence. Now this situation can be changed if you wish to type a lot on your fruit gadget. Just get the Typo Keyboard for iPhone 5 and your problems will be solved. The company starts shipping its accessory in the beginning of 2014.

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