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Increase iOS 7.0.4 Battery Life on iPhone How-to Tips

All users who have updated to iOS 7.1 beta or  iOS 7 might experience faster battery drain. This new firmware has a lot of new options and great features that require much power. Here is how to increase iOS 7.0.4 battery life and get more out of your smartphone.

We are sure that these tips and tricks can make your experience much better and the updated iPhone on iOS 7 will go smoothly and painlessly. What is the best way to extend iOS 7 battery life? Let’s list the options can be handy to iPhone users.

  1. AirDrop requires too much battery. Just turn this option off after updating to iOS 7.0.4 and get longer battery life. It is always easy to get back on by going to Control Center and clicking on the feature’s logo.
  2. Adjust the brightness of your screen. Open Settings and select Wallpapers & Brightness menu.
  3. Open Settings and choose Privacy. You need to turn off different System Services located under Location Services such as Popular, Diagnostics, iAds etc. This will save a bit of iOS 7.0.4 battery life.
  4. It’s best to turn off applications you don’t need to work in the background. Do this through settings – General – Background App Refresh options.
  5. Turn off programs you don’t want. Just close them and don’t use Multitasking when you don’t need it.
  6. You don’t need notifications this much and this often. Turn them off for different applications and get rid of stock notifications through Settings – Notification Center.
  7. Turn off iOS 7 tracking and location features. You can do this through Settings.
  8. To preserve some battery life turn off Raise to Speak option available for Siri.
  9. Getting fast email updates drains life out of your battery. Set the interval for fetching new data for about 15 minutes of half an hour. This will be enough and you will see how longer your battery will last on iOS 7.0.4 smartphone.
  10. There is no need to use Parallax effect when you need to safe some battery life. Go to Settings – General – Accessibility and choose the option called Reduce Motion.
We hope our advice is helpful to you.


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