Thursday, December 19, 2013

iOS 7 iPhone Calling Features You Should Know About

It’s true that a lot of people have installed iOS 7 back in September and had enough time to learn everything about this version and its new options. Still there are some users as my friend who believed iOS 7 jailbreak would be released by now and didn’t upgrade at once. Now, as hackers still can’t say when we will see untethered jailbreak for iOS 7, my friend finally decides to update to this firmware.

If you are new to the latest operating system presented by Apple, you should learn how to block, decline, receive calls and make your everyday life easier and cooler.

How to Decline the Phone Call on iOS 7

There a couple of way how you can decline the call.

* Click on “Decline” if your smartphone is awake at the time you are getting a call
* Click on Sleep / Wake option two times rapidly
* Tab/hold at the same time your headset’s Center option for approximately 2 seconds [there will be a low beep sound that says the call has been declined]

How to Silence the Phone Call

This is simple. Just click your Sleep / Wake option or select volume control [either way works] and you will silence the call.

You can also choose Do Not Disturb option via Control Center to silence the handset.

Second Call

You are able to take a second phone call while being in the conversation on your iOS 7 iPhone. To do so, click on Mute option and hold this button down for a moment. Now you can answer the second incoming phone call. You also get an option to Decline the second call if you wish to.

Reminder for Returning the Call

If you haven’t answered the phone call and wish to return it later on, set up Remind Me feature and your handset will remind you to return the call at a better moment.

Text Your Respond

Go to Settings and select iPhone – Respond with Text to create your personal reply to the call you can’t answer at the moment.

Block Calls

iOS 7 lets you create lists of Favorites and block unwanted callers. You can block by contact name or simply choose to block phone numbers you don’t know by selecting “I” option near the number in Recents and choosing “Block this Caller” feature.

If you wish to unblock numbers, go to Settings – Phone and browse through Blocked section.

FaceTime Calls

Do you see a little icon near FaceTime option in contacts? Click on it and you will begin a free FaceTime call via LTE or Wi-Fi connection. Such calls are free on iOS 7 devices.


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