Friday, December 20, 2013

Walmart Offers iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c with No-Contract Data Plans

Customers who wish to purchase and unlock iPhone 5S or 5c no-contract model can do this at Walmart starting this Friday, December 13th. The store works in partnership with two American carriers, NET10 Wireless and Straight Talk. They announced that the sales begin this week.

iPhone 5S / 5C from Walmart: Friday December 13 Release

The deal is exclusive to Walmart customers. Fans of no-contract plan can get a popular iOS handset with 30-day plans from either mobile operator with a lot of data, text and talk [the plans are unlimited]. There is enough time for Christmas so everyone has a chance to make an expensive and loved-by-millions-across-the-globe Christmas gift.

What are the pricing on the latest Apple smartphones in Walmart? Are you eligible for the purchase?

Walmart iPhone 5c / 5S Pricing

The 5S model will be sold both in stores and online. It will cost $649 for 16GB device for both mobile operators. There will be three colors available, including gray, gold and silver.

The 5c smartphone [16GB of space] will be sold online only for $549 in blue, pink, white, yellow and green colors.

If you are still looking for the iPhone 4S mode, Walmart will offer the 8GB handset for $449.

Price on No-Contract Plans

Straight Talk Wireless is offering its no-contract 30 day data plan for $45. You can get unlimited calling, texting within U.S. The same plan with an ability to call to foreign countries will be available for $60.
NET10 Wireless offers its 30-day no-contract data plans for $50 and $65. The terms are similar to Straight Talk Wireless but you can add additional lines for $40 extra.

What do you think about these no-contract iPhone 5S and 5c data plans? Do these offers sound delicious with Christmas fast approaching? Will you get a device for yourself? Customers who wish to finance their handsets are welcome to do this at Walmart on December 31 [you need to go to a store with a Walmart Credit Card].


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