Thursday, February 27, 2014

iOS 7 iPhone Crash Fix Is Coming [Apple News]

March arrives the weekend after next. This is when we’ll see iOS 7.1 release if all rumors are real and Apple is planning to present this major update to its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating system in the beginning of spring.

No one is perfect. The same thing can be said about software that is mostly released in a hurry since all companies like to surprise and fulfil the expectations of their customers. Apple has a schedule based on which it is introducing new models and versions of operating systems. The latest firmware 7.1 beta came in fifth. We might either see beta 6 coming out soon or iOS 7.1 public release.

iOS 7 Problems to Be Fixed in March 2014

While the next update is being tested iDevice users can hear what developers discover in this operating system. According to them, we’ll see fixes to iOS 7 bugs that worried a lot of people. Consumers complain about all the problems with their gadgets updated to version 7 which should be better than iOS 6.

As Apple promises, the new firmware will fix the iPhone crash problem when your handset becomes useless for about 10 seconds or 1 minute. It reboots and then the issue is gone. It is unclear why this crash occurs. It is a random one but it bothers “fruit” minds.

There should be no iOS 7 white screen of death or black screen of death that makes iPhone frozen for a while. This problem is huge and a lot of users report it. It should be surely fixed in the next big release.
Those who have installed betas of iOS 7.1 assure that most problems are solved. The little bugs that are left should be fixed in the final iOS 7.1 launch. The exact date when this happens is unclear for now. The Cupertino-based company keeps it a secret for now but it will be unveiled sooner or later.


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