Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stable iPhone Carrier Status Check for All Smartphone Models

iPhone carrier status checker is a useful service. Millions of Apple customers from all over the world have already learned how many benefits such service provides. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s time to learn more about online iPhone carrier check that uses your IMEI code to give you details about the smartphone, network, lock status etc.

What does such mobile network check service help you with?

Let’s see what information you can receive using such a checker.

  1. You will know your warranty date end.
  2. You will learn your activation date.
  3. You’ll see your status for being SIM locked or unlocked.
  4. You will know your original carrier’s name.
  5. There will be information about your service coverage and repairs.
It does look useful, huh? IMEI checker is very cheap to use. You don’t risk so run it and you will learn more about your iPhone. The service is available to any iOS version and any smartphone model.

Who needs to run such checker?
  • Users who purchased their handset on eBay or similar platforms
  • Users who are going to resell their smartphone
  • Users who got an iPhone from a foreign country
  • Users who are planning to factory unlock their iPhone by IMEI code

What do you need in order to use the service?

Everything you have to know before starting is your IMEI code. It is easy to look up by dialling *#06# from the handset.

Sites that offer checker for iPhone carrier status have a field where you should enter your IMEI number. Do as asked and wait till you get the results. It usually takes about 15 seconds to display the information about your model, iOS version, serial number, warranty, activation date, mobile operator, tether, SIM lock and CTN.

Carrier and Tether are giving you information about the original network you are locked to. CTN stands for the phone number [SIM card] that was used to activate your device.

If two fields [SIM lock status and Carrier / Next Tether status] say “unlocked” you should be happy as your handset is officially unlocked.


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