Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Apple Agrees with Samsung: Patent Disputes to Be Settled Out of Court

There was a longtime Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit and the two companies have finally decided to settle this dispute out of court. According to Korean analyst Kim Yoo-chul, Apple against Samsung patent dispute is to be resolved. These famous tech manufacturers have reached an agreement that drops the litigation between them.

Some sources mention that these companies are trying to figure out a way how to “dismiss all lawsuits.” Some reports say that the iPhone maker and Samsung phone producer are now in the early stages of negotiation. How will they solve the problems? Some people say they have discussed some important details on royalty payments but there are a lot of other things that have to be settled down yet.

The royalty payments will be used in return for using patents. This will help to reach the full agreement. As previous conclusion mention, Samsung has infringed on 3 Apple patents. The court wanted this Korean company to pay over $119 million to Apple. The fruit giant, in its turn, has infringed on 1 Samsung patent and ha to pay over $158 thousand.


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