Sunday, June 1, 2014

How to Unlock Any Australia Optus iPhone 5 / 4S / 4

There is no need to stay always locked or wait till your contract is over in order to unlock the smartphone. Apple sells a lot of iPhones locked to different networks across the world. Such handsets cannot be used with other carriers except the one they are locked to till the users decides to order factory unlock.

It is safe to unlock Australia Optus iPhone 5 and other models, including 4 and 4S. Find a trusted company with a lot of positive reviews from customers and place your order online since this service is distant and fast. Cheap price is very attractive and you will become permanently unlocked within hours or several days.

Guaranteed Unlock for Australia Optus iPhone 5 and Other iDevice Models

It is highly advised to each consumer to be attentive while placing an order for unlock. Even factory service has some requirements for customers. Besides, each company has its own Terms & Services document that you have to agree for beforehand.

Requirements for Optus iPhone 5 Unlock

  • Activated handset
  • Locked to Optus network in Australia. You can check the carrier here.
  • Clean IMEI number [unlock fails for blacklisted / barred / blocked / lost / stolen smartphone]. If your iPhonr is blocked you can unlock blacklisted iPhone Optus from Australia following the link.
  • Agreement to Terms & Services

If you wish to place the order, provide your IMEI number. Find it through *#06# dial or in Settings application – General – About.

IMEI is everything needed for the service as the unlocking team contacts Apple servers distantly. Then it adds your IMEI code with the new status “unlocked” to the database with whitelist IMEIs. From this moment you are permanently unlocked, but there is still one step to make.

The company emails you the confirmation email with a short instruction on how to complete the process and have an unlocked smartphone. You need to insert any non-Optus SIM card to your device and plug it in your computer. Launch iTunes and let is detect your iPhone. The program should announce that you are now unlocked.


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