Thursday, July 3, 2014

FTC Believes T-Mobile Charges Consumers for Fraudulent Service

According to Federal Trade Commission in the U.S. T-Mobile service might have charged the carrier’s subscribers extra money. The FTC can even filed complains against T-Mobile for doing this so if you are locked to this U.S. mobile operator you might have suffered as well.

The complaint was filed on July 1, 2014. Has the company truly taken extra money from its customers? If you are using T-Mobile iPhone you might like to unlock your smartphone with factory unlock service to avoid any extra charges because being SIM free means you can select your data plans and connect to different networks any time. This is really handy when you travel a lot or just don’t want to use your original carrier any more because of T-Mobile fraudulent charges.

As the FTC states, T-Mobile might have taken about $9.99 from its consumers for unauthorized text message monthly subscriptions. This SMS service sent horoscopes and different gossips to users’ smartphones. This way, according to the FTC, the carrier managed to make extra millions of dollars.

A lot of users have already asked T-Mobile for refunds for the services they didn’t want to use at all but as the file assures the mobile operator made it complicated and not easy for customers to figure out which charges are for the unauthorized service on the bill.

John Legere from T-Mobile has reacted to the complaint saying that the company doesn’t agree with the filing. The official announcement is published on the carrier’s site here [].


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