Thursday, July 3, 2014

iCloud Two-Step Authenitcation Support Offered

The option has started to come to users so you might soon also have to get through the two factory authentication in iCloud for using Find My iPhone app.

Apple now offers the new iCloud authentication process. If you have an iCloud account you can access your information through the two step iCloud authentication procedure. The support for the 2-factor offers better security.

There were rumors about this process to be offered to users and customers and now some people report that they have begun to get this functionality lately meaning you have to take an extra step each time you wish to get to your contracts, email letters and documents through iCloud.

iCloud authentication two step process is not complicated. The same security feature was earlier added to Apple ID management site. It happened in 2013, and once the option became available in the U.S. it soon rolled out across the world.

While you are still waiting for the feature to be offered to you, you can use iCloud to backup your iPhone before installing iOS 7.1.2 which was recently introduced by Apple. Chinese hackers Pangu quickly reported that their 7.1.1 jailbreak untethered tool also supports 7.1.2 version meaning you can jailbreak after updating.


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