Monday, July 28, 2014

Sprint to Offer Changes for iPhone Data Plans

iPhone and other smartphone users might soon get new data plans from Sprint U.S. carrier.

The first new plans are expected to appear in California [San Diego], Nevada [Las vegas] and Oregon [Portland] and they are rumored to compete against AT&T / Verizon deals. But not that this doesn’t include Sprint iPhone 5S / 5c unlock meaning the good plan doesn’t mean you are able to switch between carriers.
Sprint subscribers are heard to be charged $25 for 1-10GB and $15 for 20-60GB per gadget. Users who live in the areas mentioned above [Portland and San Diego] might also get a free annual update.

Price drops are also expected to happen in some other areas. If you are already using Sprint and the changes don’t come to your place, you can improve your data plan by ordering Sprint iPhone 5 unlock or any other iOS model locked to this operator. For example, Sprint iPhone 4S unlock can be performed really fast, often within a couple of hours. Once you are unlocked you are able to choose your data plans and carriers switching SIMs with ease.

It looks like Sprint has new data plans for its current and future customers. According to CNET, the company is now testing some interesting changes for the plans it has and is going to introduce some big changes soon.

As users know Sprint unlimited data plan is actually “unlimited” which is its tentpole right now. Other companies offer their deals promising much more to Americans. The carrier is rumored to soon offer some discounts for its existing plans. If you are on an individual or family plan, you might like to get some extras.


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