Thursday, July 24, 2014

Verizon Adds 4G Support to Users with ALLSET prepaid plans

Verizon iPhone 5S users who are on the prepaid ALLSET plan should now enjoy the real fast 4G LTE service from this American carrier. Verizon LTE coverage is promised to be supported by all users who are on this data plan.

By the way, this new Verizon service for 4G LTE can be enjoyed not only by iPhone 5S users but also by some iPad owners whose devices support the quicker network. What can you get with the new opportunity?

Verizon offers its 4G network to customers who are paying $45 per month for 500MB data and unlimited text / voice. If you are using the Auto Pay method you can get extra 500MB of data for free. All extra 1GB costs additionally beginning with $10 for 1GB, $30 for 3GB. But such offers expire in 90 days once you have paid for them.

Verizon iPhone 5S users can improve their life if they share their hotspot with other devices through Wi-Fi. This option is supported by the ALLSET data plan so you can get it without additional charges.

AT&T and T-Mobile also offer 4G LTE service in the U.S. If you wish to compare the three services, you can simply unlock your iPhone 5S Verizon and start using different SIM cards with your smartphone. Such service is affordable and fast. It requires your IMEI only, and you can be on contract or out of contract to order it.

IMEI factory unlock supports all models, iOS versions and most carriers. Verizon iPhone 5S unlock is performed distantly. If your IMEI is clean [not blacklisted, not barred, not lost and not stolen], you can just provide the IMEI and email for unlocking. Make sure your handset is activated with the network it is locked to.

In case your iPhone is blacklisted you can use Verizon bad ESN cleaning service and it will become clean!

Enjoy staying unlocked as this way you can choose your carriers, save money while traveling and resell your iPhone at a higher value.


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