Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You Can Buy Unlocked iPad Air in Japan Now

Customers from Japan can now buy an unlocked iPad in the local Apple stores. Two companies, Apple and NTT DoCoMo, cooperated back in mack to bring this model to local users and now the fruit giant offers its tablet device unlocked from Japanese carriers.

iPad Unlocked Buy News

The Cupertino-based giant offers unlocked products that can work with different carriers in and outside Japan. It is surely better to stay unlocked, no matter if you own an iPad Air or iPhone model as this way it is cheaper and much easier to stay connected while being abroad.

If you got your iPad unlocked and your iPhone is still locked to SoftBank or other Japanese or worldwide carrier, you can order its factory and permanent Softbank iPhone unlock by IMEI code for iPhone 5S, 5c, 5, 4S, 4 no matter what iOS firmware version you are running. Such service is safe, cheap and fast to get. You become SIM free nearly immediately without voiding your warranty and with a lifetime guarantee.

Japan Sells Unlocked iPad Air

Japan and Apple worked together to release an unlocked iPad Air for customers in East Asia.

Anyone who lives in Japan can now purchase the unlocked iPad Air without any problems. Just like the iPhones that come mostly locked to a certain carrier and depend on the data plans, iPads are also often locked to one network with its inner data plan for internet connection.

In Japan, users couldn’t get the iPad unlocked from Japan companies till now. They had only two choices, whether to buy the device from NTT DoCoMo carrier or purchase it from SoftBank. Either solution made customers stay with only one carrier being SIM locked for long years.


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