Sunday, August 24, 2014

Does Verizon iPhone 5S Work on AT&T Network?

Does Verizon iPhone 5S work on AT&T network? Does iPhone 5S locked to AT&T work on Verizon? Is it possible to switch between these two American carriers without having to unlock your handset? You might actually be able to jump to another network and take your smartphone with you and thus there will be no need to purchase a new handset.

The full retail price on the new iPhone 5S unlocked is around $600. This is pretty expensive for just switching networks, isn’t it? Apple designs its handsets for specific carriers and thus when you buy a gadget locked to AT&T you get the headache when you think to go through iPhone 5S switch carriers plan.

Will AT&T iPhone 5S Work on Verizon and Vice Versa

The days when you have to buy a new handset each time you want to switch your carrier officially might soon be gone. American wireless companies begin to use the same radio frequencies to build the new networks. This could be handy in the future when you can finally select the carrier as often as you like and pay nothing for this service.

Today such option is not available to the fullest, but there are other ways to overcome the problem. Firstly, you can take your Verizon iPhone 5S or AT&T smartphone to the new carriers’ store and find out if they offer low cost service to you.

Secondly, you should actually be able to use AT&T iPhone on Verizon network and opposite. This should not be a problem. Why?

AT&T uses GSM standard and Verizon uses CDMA standard. This is the difference between two companies. But for faster 4G network service these carriers use LET standard and AWS spectrum which is the same for both of them and all other American mobile operators.

AT&T is selling iPhone 5S version A1533 (GSM) and Verizon is offering iPhone 5S A1533 (CDMA). They are identical, and you can in theory insert the AT&T SIM card into your iPhone 5S and get 4G LTE service along with SMS and voice network. You will get all features and options though unless you decide to order iPhone 5S unlock service and become SIM free at an affordable price.

Thanks to President Obama it is now legal to unlock phones in the U.S. so you are good to go and become factory unlocked on Verizon iPhone 5S or any other model from any carrier you are currently locked to. This way you can enjoy all the services and options offered by networks and reuse your handset for as long as you need. Such unlock is safe to perform as it doesn’t void your warranty and is permanent.


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