Sunday, August 3, 2014

Original 3G iPad AT&T Users Receive $40 Checks

U.S. carrier AT&T and Apple began to send out $40 checks to users who got the first 3G iPad AT&T with the unlimited data plan which was later killed by this mobile operator. The first tablet was officially announced by Steve Jobs who was the company’s CEO in 2010, along with the $29.99 Apple AT&T data plan which was unlimited. However, this plan quickly disappeared making frustrated customers filing lawsuits against the carrier.

The 3G iPad AT&T was sold pretty quickly and the high demand was created because of this unlimited data plan from the American mobile operator. People were angry with the fact the the plan was gone saying this scenario was a “bait and switch” one.

Apple and AT&T Send Checks to 3G iPad Users

If you have the first iPad released in April 2010 you can be $40 check from AT&T carrier and Apple.

Apple managed to settle this question with AT&T a year ago when it released the iPhone 5S and 5c. The carrier agreed to pay affected consumers $40 and the first checks appear to be sent in July 2014.

Did you get your check by now? Remember that the checks are sent only to users who purchased the first iPad 3G with AT&T plan. If you are not using iPad as your main device and prefer iPhone 5S or other model, you will not receive the $40 check but you can save this sum or even more after you choose to order AT&T unlock iPhone package and become SIM free.

Factory unlock is safe and quick. It will allows you using Sprint, Verizon, O2, Vodafone and other SIMs and select your data plan depending on where you are at the moment. This is the great thing to do if you like to travel. Once you are unlocked you can also resell your used smartphone at a higher price.

Such official AT&T iPhone 5S, 5, 4S unlock doesn’t void your Apple warranty which is simply great!


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