Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sprint Family Share Pack for 100 Bucks [iPhone Carrier Switching]

Sprint Family Share Pack has been officially introduced by this American carrier that is hoping to offer new subscribers better prices. The plan aims at customers who are thinking about AT&T iPhone switch to Sprint or getting from Verizon or other mobile company to the new network without unlocking.

Here is what Family Share Pack from Sprint promises potential consumers. The plan was unveiled in August. The first part, shareable data option is coming on August 22. Just like it was reported before, this plan costs $100 a month giving you up to 20GB of data for several accounts used in your family.

It is possible to subscribe to the new plan till September 30. The company will also waive the activation fee per line through 2015.

Users can choose their data option and add new lines to the package. Customers who consume up to 16GB each month will have to pay $25 access fee and those who need up to 60GB will have to pay $10 less.

Sprint Family data plan prices are higher for users with a contract device. It will be $40 per smartphone, so you need to count if it is worth switching from Verizon or AT&T to Sprint or stay with your current network.

Depending on your package price and the possibilities you can get with Sprint you can decide yourself whether it is better to switch or not.

If you are not satisfied with your Sprint Family Share Pack you can always order Sprint iPhone unlock service that makes you SIM free and independent from any network, data plan and pricing. Being unlocked means being able to choose the best carrier, cheapest pricing and top-quality service!


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