Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Setup Family Sharing in iOS 8?

The Family Sharing is one of the helpful feature of iOS8 that was produced. It lets members of a same family or groups of people share apps between each other without having to pay for separate downloads and connect to the same Apple ID. Since the appearance of the App Store users have shared the same account in order to save on buying many of the exact same apps or content.

As the result the system is damaged in that every user of said account then has a list of content that they don’t want or need. Unfortunately never actually downloaded in the first place. To solve this problem, Family Sharing essentially connects a number of Apple IDs into one parent account. And it also provided that they all feed from the same credit or debit card. And then they can easily download apps and content purchased by other members of the same family.

Each member of the family or group can use the Family photo album or work with Family Calendar and Reminders. With this new feature Apple should help to make its platform a more communal one.

In this short guide we'll show how to setup Family Sharing in iOS 8.

The iOS Family Sharing setup is the simple procedure. And it will take a couple of minutes from your precious time. To do it quick follow these steps to get you and your family or group of friends up.

Step 1. Fire up the Settings app on your iOS 8 home screen. And before entering your credentials, scroll down to iCloud .

Step 2. Next, find Set Up Family Sharing and click on Get Started.

Step 3. Click on Continue and then sign in using the Apple ID you want to place into the Family Sharing pool before tapping Continue again.

Step 4. Next, you should check your payment method and at the bottom, you’ll see a link entitled Managing Family Purchases. Click on it and then tap Done.

Step 5. Click on Continue, and then you should choose whether or not you wish to share your location with other family members.

Step 6. And now you can begin adding family members to your Family Sharing group. To begin Click on Add Family Member. And invitations will be sent to them subsequently.

The iOS Family Sharing setup is finished. Now you can and you family members or group enjoy an altogether more integrated experience.


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