Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Switch from Androind Smartphone to iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 with 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch displays are very popular from the first days of their official release with iOS 8 on September 19, 2014. A lot of customers have already purchased this smartphone [the company boasts selling over 10 million units in less than 2 weeks after users could place pre-orders for the new handset] and are now thinking about Android switch to iPhone 6.

If you are one of those people who want to switch from Android to iPhone, you can follow this instruction to do everything correctly and not lose your important data. We will tell you how to transfer contracts from Android to iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus. It takes some time to complete everything but it is worth doing once to enjoy your brand new iOS gadget.

Instruction on How to Switch from Andoing to iPhone 6

1. Those users are lucky to sync their Android contacts with Google because Apple smartphone also support Gmail Contact sync option. In other words, you don’t have anything to do, just launch Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars and add your Gmail account. Point your device what you wish to sync and get your contacts on the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 with ease.

2. It is possible to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 6 manually with the help of CopyMyData application or through Contacts – Menu – Import/Export – Export to Storage [this way Android phone will create a .vcf file which you can either upload to iCloud or import into Mac Contacts program].

3. If you need to transfer photos from Android to iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6 you can do so with the help of Dropbox, PhotoSync, Copy My Data or similar apps, or manually. Install Android File Transfer app on your computer and sync photographs with your iPhone.

4. Music files can be transferred with the help of Pandora, Spotify or similar streamers. You can also install Android File Transfer on your Mac or PC and select the option called Music to firstly drag all your songs and tracks from Android smartphone to your computer and then to your new iPhone 6.

5. Fans of reading can continue their experience without any difficulties if they used Kindle, Google Play or Nook services. Users who store their books in PDF and ePub can import all those files to iOS iBooks application.

Just like you can turn Blacklberry to iPhone you can easily do it with Android and iOS !


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