Tuesday, October 21, 2014

iPhone AT&T Beats Music Trial Is Overt

iPhone AT&T Beats Music trial which was offered for free for 90 days to users who subscribed to the carrier and created a new account for Beats Music is no longer available. It looks like the Big Blue American mobile operator has cut off some of its AT&T iPhone 6 benefits and new customers who wish to get additional services for free have to look in a different direction.

There are a lot of iPhone 6 AT&T advantages and disadvantages. Since this is one of the largest U.S. carriers it offers great network, awesome performance for most areas across the United States and good service. But the price on AT&T data packages is high and compared to other U.S carriers it can be very expensive to sign up for this carrier right now.

Users who started using AT&T in January 2014 could have set up a new Beats Music account and get the no-cost 90-day trial. There were three options when you created your account back then. You could have chosen to pay $14.99 for the family plan, $9.99 per person or use “Subscribe with AT&T” feature and get the trial period for free.

The company’s employees assure that they got instructions to no longer sell subscriptions to Beats Music. Thus you can guess that the deal is over. Will AT&T offer something else instead to attract new consumers? It is not clear right now, but with Christmas season coming coon the company might introduce another good deal to its new iPhone subscribers.


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