Friday, October 17, 2014

New Sprint Business Data Share Plans to Rival AT&T and Verizon Offers

Sprint Business Share plan is a new option introduced by this American carrier. It looks like Sprint wants to rival AT&T and Verizon that also offer different shared plans. The new Sprint data plans for iPhone and businessmen with other smartphones is an interesting deal. You can get up to 200GB of data each month and share this data between up to 50 lines.

Sprint Business Data Share plans are created for businesses. The carrier wants more companies to subscribe to its plans. Users who need to use as much as 200GB and don’t want to purchase several data plans for different devices can get one plan and share the data between all the smartphones.

If you compare Sprint and AT&T data plans, you will see that Sprint can save businesses up to 56% in costs. This is what the carrier states about its new Sprint shared plan and unlock. The pricing starts at $90. For this money, subscribers can get 20GB of data per month which they can share between up to 10 lines. The biggest plan of 200GB of shared data per month will cost $675 a month.

These are not all deals that carrier offers right now. All businesses that are eager to jump from another carrier to the new Sprint data plan can get a credit up to $10 per line.

The game of hunting for new subscribers is now on in the U.S. The companies are trying to top each other and coming up with great plans for customers that can truly save them some money.


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