Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pros and Cons of T-Mobile Free International Data Plan

How good is T-Mobile free International data plan for iPhone users and other subscribers? The company introduced this plan a year ago, and users shared different opinions on this deal. If your iPhone is not unlocked you have to either deal with your carrier’s plan or sometime be able to get a local pre-paid plan which doesn’t work in every country of the world, which is sad.

Tmobile free international plan is not exactly a package. This is the SIM card you get along with your contract. Travelers can use the free WiFi hotspots abroad which doesn’t eat too much data if you check your emails or do simple things with your iPhone

If you need to use your iPhone 6 T-Mobile free international roaming for streaming music or videos, you won’t be satisfied. The company actually caps its data rates offering subscribers the slow 2G-like connection speed at around 128kbps. You can surely purchase a faster speed plan with some download limits but this costs money.

Some apps might upload very slowly. For example, users who rely on Google Maps or hotel booking programs have to way till these programs load. Once beginning to run the apps works just great and can help you find a place where you stay at night with ease.

Based on the reports from users, Tmobile free international data might be a headache to those who are used to fast speeds and don’t like to wait and a nice thing for users who are patient and are eager to pay less for getting slow internet while being abroad with a T-Mobile iPhone or other device.

While being on a business trip or a vacation abroad the slow speeds offered by T-Mobile free global roaming plan is everything you actually need.


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