Tuesday, November 11, 2014

AT&T Mobile Share Plan Subscribers Can Get More Data

Do you wish to double you AT&T Mobile Share Value plan’s data? The new AT&T Mobile Share plan promotion allows getting twice as much as you get for the same price. The company is trying to attract more customers and keep their current subscribers interested in using the largest U.S. network. AT&T data plan offer is not surprising when all the U.S. mobile companies are fighting for their consumers. The company officially reported that it is going to offer more data to its users for the Mobile Share Value plans. Such a deal is a nice bonus in time for Christmas, don’t you think so?

AT&T cheap data plan is not that cheap compared to other companies but this network is well known for its good service. If you have the 2GB – 4GB Mobile Share Value data plans you will start getting 3GB – 6GB of data per month for the same $40 - $70 of monthly payments.

Remember that you have to pay extra $25 a month if you have subscribed for the new Next installment plan offered by the carrier this fall. If you are on the 2-year plan your extra fee will grow up to extra $40 on top of monthly payments for your data plan. In this case you better unlock iPhone 6 AT&T and use any carrier you like.

The plan also includes unlimited texting, talk and international messaging for no additional payments.


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