Friday, November 21, 2014

How iOS 8.1.1 Improves iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Models

There are a lot of Apple fans who still hesitate whether to download iOS 8.1.1 for iPhone 4S or iPad 2 or not. Does this firmware update really offers improvements and fixes all the previous bugs or not? Apple’s new updates are meant to make everything better, still as practice reveals the new iOS 8 firmware is good for newer smartphones and not older models.

Are there a lot of iOS 8.1.1 fixes for the two oldest from supported devices? The report states that this update actually brings some enhancements into iPad 2 / iPhone 4S performance but these improvements can be noticed in a several areas only.

You can get a few iOS 8.1.1 improvements or stay on iOS 8.1 as this previous version has more to offer if you own the iPhone 4S or the second generation Apple tablet. Why would you like to keep an earlier operating system version?

Firstly, iOS 8.1.1 isn’t that different from iOS 8.1 if looking at the iPhone 4S device, as test results suggest. Secondly, unlike the new iOS 8.1.1, older iOS 8.1 can be jailbroken with Pangu untether program meaning you can get different Cydia apps and tweaks and customize your smartphone the way you like.

If you happened to already download iOS 8.1.1 for iPhone 4S or iPad 2 you still have time to downgrade back to iOS 8.1 while Apple continues to sign this version. It might stop doing this any moment so take your chance while it is still available. Tomorrow it might be too late.


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