Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Switch from iPhone to Android and Fix iMessage Bug

iOS 8 users who decided to switch from iPhone 6 to Android [iMessage problem has been a big issue for a couple of years and it hasn’t gone in 2014] can face one unpleasant issue with their text messages which get lost and never reach the recipient. You can try to fix iMessage problems before you switch the devices.
Here is what you should do to avoid the issues as Apple can’t help you out here. Whenever you decide to switch from iPhone to Windows phone or Android cell phone you better preprare for the switch first or you’ll get the problem and be stuck on it for a long while.

How to Fix iMessage Problems iOS 8 Guide

Method 1. Users whose iPhone is still with them should insert their SIM into the iPhone and go to Settings – Messages where they can disable iMessage application.

Method 2. Those of you who don’t have their iOS 8 device any more can use Apple site where you should enter the phone number that has to be deregistered from iMessage application. Once you enter it select the option called Send code and the Cupertino-based giant will send you the confirmation code [6 digits] to your phone number which you will have to enter in the special field and press Submit option. Once you confirm the deregistration the problem should be fixed.

The issue happens to users whose iPhone number is registered on Apple’s servers. When someone sends you a text message it is received by iMessage unless you de-register and thus you don’t receive it on your new Windows, Android or BlackBerry smartphone. As soon as you deregister, your messages will be send as SMS as not routed through iMessage application.


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