Friday, November 21, 2014

iMessage Bug in iOS 8 Leads to Lawsuit against Apple

Did you also suffer from iMessage bug on iOS 8 and iOS 7? I can tell you that it is really frustrating when you don’t get your text messages after switching from iPhone to a different brand. Apple never tells you that you will stop receiving your messages and this is what drove nuts so many users that it finally lead to the iMessage lawsuit against Apple.

Right now the company will have to face the federal lawsuit because it never told its users about the problem that existed and still exists. It’s cool when you love Apple gadgets [and I love them a lot, but sometimes you just wish to feel the freedom, try a different smartphone and return to your favorite iPhone, you know]… Still whenever it comes to switching from an Apple handset you get trapped with iMessage bug message undeliverable issue.

The company surely responded to users’ problems and finally launched a new web program which allows turning off iMessage on the iPhone. You can simply de-register your old phone number from iMessage and solve the problem. Sadly Apple presented the solution too late and the lawsuit has already been filed.

The lawsuit filed by the consumer Adrianne Moore will continue and this is not the end of the story. Since the woman couldn’t deregister from iMessage app back then, her phone number was registered to the servers that belonged to Apple and were routed through iMessage even though she switched to Samsung device. But this is a great lesson to the company which finally heard its customers and launched the special online tool that allows to manually de-register iPhone phone number from iMessage and start receiving messages as SMS and not iMessages.


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