Saturday, November 29, 2014

T Mobile to Show Users True Throttled Speed Test Results

Users who have T-Mobile iPhone devices or any other smartphone that is connected to this U.S. network should be able to receive the real T Mobile speed test results even if your plan is throttled by this carrier. Such a demand was made by the FCC and this commission pressured the company to show subscribers the accurate results for speeds.

T Mobile throttled speed test results should be available to all subscribers who are throttled. Everything began with one issue. Users can always use special speed test applications to control their monthly data allotment, however while connecting to T-Mobile, these apps show inaccurate speed test and a users who is throttled and can’t enjoy high-speed connecting during the full month on the unlimited data plan.

While the app might show high speed results there are not true once the plan has been throttled. Now T-Mobile has to change its method with the applications so that users see T-Mobile speed test true results and not the highest speeds only.

The company, as noted by the FCC, got 2 months to change the used tactics. Once the changes are applies all iPhone 6 T-Mobile and other subscribers will receive a test message from the carrier once they reach the high-speed data allotment per month along with the speed test results that show reduced speeds.

The mobile operator will also have to add changes to its site and explain the policies regarding different speed test programs so that users receive correct and accurate information about their T-Mobile speeds.


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