Friday, December 26, 2014

Apple Campus 2 Pictures Shows Qualitative Changes Ahead

According to Apple Campus 2 pictures and videos the work on it has been progressed at an aggressive rate despite torrential rainfall and the early onset of winter.

One of the Campus 2 photos provides us a look of the 120,000 square feet big auditorium that will reportedly cost Apple $161 million to build.

The auditorium will gain more than 1000 people seats and will also include a lobby and a kitchen. With no doubt this huge apartment Apple will use for all its product launches and other events in the future.

The images also show after workers excavated the soil and other debris from the ground over the last few months, the spaceship ring is now being filled with concrete to build a floor structure.

In the video that appeared in early November one of the parking structure that was only a storey high is now grow up to three storey high. It clearly indicate that the building is pacing forward.

Apple Campus 2 construction will occupy the 2.8 million square feet territory and is scheduled to be completed by 2016. In the future it will provide accommodation to an estimated 12,000 employees.

Steve Jobs first introduced this beautiful building in 2011. And due to Apple Campus 2 pictures it will also include a fitness center, multiple parking buildings.

One great feature is that the orchard of various fruit trees will surrender the campus, making it colorful and fresh. It shows that construction does not pose a threat to the environment.


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