Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Apple Has Big Plans for iOS Store India Expanse

Apple India iPhone 6 launch proved the high demand for this smartphone in this country and thus, the Cupertino-based company decided to extend its net of retail stores. Such plans are not so easy to implement. Right now Apple is selling its new iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 through distributors in India, and the company’s presence is so far limited to Delhi and Mumbai.

iPhone India Apple Store network is rather small. The giant tech company is capable of being present in major metro cities only. But it has the big plans of opening 500 stores across India and expand its operation through them.

If this happens, Apple will play seriously in India targeting both huge cities and small towns such as Nagpur, Amritsar and Nasik. Will this iOS store India plan be implemented soon?

Firstly, Apple cannot open physical store in India. This country has a strict regulation for foreign companies and it just never allows a single foreigner to open retailer stores in India. Secondly, Apple wants to just open small stores in smaller cities where it can open a physical store of up to 600 sq.ft.

The iPhone maker has a plan. It wants to rely on Ingram and Redington to expand the network of iPhone stores. These are major distributors Apple works with in India.

How can this influence the iPhone price in India and the possibility of simply unlock iPhone inside the country? Right now no one can answer this question.


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