Saturday, December 20, 2014

Download iOS 8.2 Health App On iOS Device

Now you will be able to download iOS 8.2 Health App again as together with the Apple Watch and WatchKit support the iOS 8 software update will re-introduce this previously removed option. In addition it will bring some feature enhancements.

There were some issues with which unit of measurement the app defaulted to presenting problems for international users of the feature. And in the iOS 8.2 beta for developers Apple reintroduce support for blood glucose tracking through the iOS 8 Health app. It also got some brief descriptions for the various data points under each section listed in the app.

The pre-installed Health app of iOS 8.2 version again gains the support of blood glucose tracking with options to manually set unit of measurement, mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter) or mmol/L (millimole per litre).
The data point through an iOS update was previously removed by Apple. But the iOS 8.2 gains the required unit patch.

Now the data point includes some brief description. It provides much more information on how to use Health app on iOS 8. Lets observe, for example, the re-introduced blood glucose section. It now brings the explanatory information for the Glucose Content. From the pictures below you can learn descriptions other for other data points with the latest version of the Health app available on the iOS 8.2 beta.

For some users the return of glucose tracking and informative descriptions addition are very useful. And with these latest improvement to the iOS 8 Health app many of us will use this app with pleasure. Download iOS 8.2 Health App on your device as the improvements were re-added in a following point update.


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