Friday, December 5, 2014

How to Buy AT&T iPhone: Next and Mobile Share Value

How much do you know about the carrier when you consider buying AT&T iPhone 6, for example? I spent last weekend at my friend’s house and his grandfather had a hard moment understanding what AT&T offers to customers and its data plans work. It is not easy to choose between AT&T iPhone Next plan and Mobile Share value until you know what to pay attention to.

Me and my friend had to read a lot of information while helping his grandpa and we finally succeeded. So I decided to help you with this simple instruction on how to choose AT&T iPhone today based on Next and Mobile Share plans.

AT&T no longer offers unlimited data plans so customers can only rely on text messaging, voice minutes as well as data allotment. But this is only after you select your data plan which is not that easy and quickly once you start to dig into all the details and pricing.

AT&T Next iPhone Price

Since the company offers unlimited text and talk to most users you have to pay attention to how much data you wish to use per month, as this is what makes your data plan price.

AT&T Next plan allows buying the new iPhone with 0% financing from the carrier. The iPhone cost simply spreads over several months [depending on the option you select]. You can also purchase the iPhone at a full price [unsubsidized] and have it unlocked right out of the box, but this is way more expensive as you have to pay over $600 at once depending on your smartphone model.

Next iPhone AT&T plan is available with different installment options, including 20, 24 and 30. When you pay from $25 to $37.59 for your iPhone 6 64GB model worth $749, for example. You pay the same amount across each period. You are able to pay off your handset any time you want and even have it unlocked by AT&T, but this is similar to purchasing the new fully unlocked iPhone 6 directly from Apple.

AT&T iPhone Mobile Share Plans

Users who have a big family and a lot of friends can get AT&T iPhone family plan and buy a bucket of data which can be used by all users who are using the plan. Just remember that you have to add individual gadgets to this plan and pay for each one additionally. It is now possible to get 15GB of data per $100 per month and up to 100GB per $375 per month while promotion lasts.

You can add up to ten device to this bucket of data with unlimited conversations and text messaging. Such family plans can really save you much data if you use Mobile Share plan between 10 smartphones so this is something to consider when you choose which plan you want to buy from AT&T for your iPhone.


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