Monday, December 22, 2014

How To Hack iCloud Files On iOS Devices

Bad guys now will known how to hack iCloud files. As Russian software company has updated its forensic software. It was upgraded to work with the security features that Apple company has recently added to iCloud and increased what information can be extracted from the cloud storage service.

Vladimir Katalov, CEO of the Moscow company, said in a blog post on Wednesday that Elcomsoft’s Phone Breaker software supports the two-factor authentication process that Apple has added to iOS 8 in September for accessing iCloud.

According to information on the company’s website the catch to use the software, that includes files, photos, calendar information and call logs from iCloud, if you need to get some information about the account it is required to access the storage service. That's why to use Phone Breaker you need an Apple ID, password and the second form of authentication or a binary authentication token.

It is evidently that with these individual information any person can access the an iCloud account by themselves. But using Phone Breaker you can view the contents in an iCloud account, also select what information you’re interested in and upload the needed files. As you see this method is faster than just downloading all the data in an iCloud account. That process can take hours.

On Wednesday the company added to update the ability to gather tokens from stand-alone hard drives and forensic disk images. The type range of information that Phone Breaker can take from iCloud has been expanded.

The functionality to collect Files from third-party apps as WhatsApp message platform or iWork files will be added to software in early 2015.

The Elcomsoft company claims that its software is used by the military, businesses and intelligence agencies and has legitimate purposes. Although the company doesn't put any restrictions for those who buy its software.

Forensic software like Phone Breaker also was associated with rash action, when celebrities photos appeared online in late August. These forensic software was believed to have been used to access their iCloud accounts, because bad guys knew how to hack iCloud files.


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