Tuesday, December 16, 2014

UK O2 iPhone Users Often Run Out of Storage

Not all people come across iPhone out of storage message but there is a big number of such users in the UK. At least, one local survey showed that a lot of customers from this country [just think of it, over 90% of UK consumers] purchased the 16GB iPhone models. This includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and other versions of the now-popular iDevice.

Well, with so many people actually having the 16GB device most users ran out of storage on iPhone at least once, and 8% assure they have this problem every other day.

The report is related to O2 carrier in the UK and says that the issue with out of storage on iPhone 5S, 5c and 6 is becoming common for subscribers. Not all of us can even imagine such a situation when you have to constantly delete images, apps and other content to free some storage on your gadget. But it looks like iPhone O2 UK subscribers are used to this.

Is it a big problem? Maybe it is not, but it can be frustrating when you wish to save something on the smartphone but have to think about the storage space you need to free in the first place. Back in the days of the original iPhone it was more than enough to have the 16GB model, but these days all customers who like to store photographs, music and videos along with games and apps should go for the 32GB, 64GB or 128GB models.

Have you ever experienced the out of storage problem on the iPhone?


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