Friday, January 9, 2015

Apple Campus 2 Updated Video Show Its Majesty

Apple Campus 2 updated video have recently appeared in internet. As company shared aerial shot of the iSpaceship.

Apple Campus 2 iSpaceship video and photos show early progress being made on the structure of the main building and other buildings on the campus together with earthwork and greenery on the surrounding property.

On Sunday a new video in 4K resolution was uploaded to YouTube and called iSpaceship. The video was filmed on January 2 and runs three minutes and sixteen seconds long. You can clearly see the foundation of the building coming along nicely. Be sure to change YouTube video settings to 4K resolution to see the quality of the foundation of the building in all its beauty.

Two weeks ago, Apple put a new aerial photo of Campus 2 to the City of Cupertino’s website, shot from a different angle to give a sense of the surrounding greenery. And now you can enjoy watching Apple Campus 2 iSpaceship video.

Just recently it was revealed that Apple will save a historic barn on the site of its new spaceship campus. The Glendenning Ranch barn in Cupertino was recognized as a monument to Silicon Valley’s agricultural past in March 2004.

Apple's Campus 2 will be finished in mid 2016. The Campus covers the 2.8 million square feet office and will accommodate over 12,000 staff. Apple claims it will be the most energy-efficient corporate building of its kind.

Watch the aerial video below to see the majesty iSpaceship and the beauty of greenery that surrounds the property.


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