Monday, January 26, 2015

Apple China Inspections to Be Allowed for Company’s iPhones and Other Products

The government of China wants to inspect Apple products security in terms of backdoor access to private information and sensitive data that users store on iPhones and other company’s gadgets. Will such Apple China inspection happen in the future or not? Is there anything customers have to worry about?

Reports state that the iOS giant’s CEO Tim Cook has agreed to inspections made by Chinese government officials allowing them to search for possible backdoors that open the way for possible hacks to personal data of users.

The agreement about spot inspections was set between State Internet Information Office in China and Apple [to be more specific, between Lu Wei and Tim Cook]. The two men met in 2014 and discussed the ‘fruit’ gadgets in terms of security and how Apple’s devices could compromise the privacy of customers and security of the Chinese government.

According to Cook, iPhones and other products created by the iOS giant have no backdoor thus they don’t share information with government entities or other services. But the Chinese side still insisted on security assessments.

China plays a big role in Apple income right now because the company got millions of new customers from the Asian region and has plans to expand its retail store network across China in the next two years.


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