Monday, January 12, 2015

Apple Hires iOS Testers To Improve The Software Quality

According to multiple sources Apple hires iOS testers to give them access to future versions of iOS in a bid to widen its pre-release testing program. It will be the first time in Apple history when the company will be expanding its pre-release testing program to beyond its employees in its Cupertino headquarters and developers who are a part of its program.

Apple has acknowledged that its beta testing contains notable percentage of users who solely wish to test new features, not program their apps or provide critical feedback.

Sources say the expanded testing program will start in the near future with an upcoming iOS release, perhaps iOS 8.2. In past few years the authority has criticized the Apple for the declining stability of OS X and iOS.

Previously the attitude to the OS's were not so attentive, they have become highly bug-ridden and unstable recently. As the example, months after the OS X Yosemite release, the OS is still course WiFi issues to many users.

The iOS 8 launch will probably become the worst in the history of iOS releases from Apple. When initially settled the Health app and HealthKit being completely broken. To make matters worse, when the iOS 8.0.1 update was pushed to public the company botched up Touch ID and the cellular functionality for many iPhone users.

Hopefully the expanded testing improves the software quality of iOS 8, which has recently experienced criticism. Apple hires iOS testers, and widening its pre-release testing program in future before iOS releases Apple will be able to fix more bugs.


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