Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Apple Increases Developer Program Cost for EU Countries

Apple developer program in Europe has new rules for devs who create applications for iOS devices and Mac. The enrolment cost has increased in 2015 and devs from some EU countries who are going to sign up for the program soon will have to pay more than they used to.

Apple iOS program in Europe gets the suprising price tweak. Not all European countries participants have to pay more. Some can still get the yearly subscription at £60 [nearly $92] or €80 [about $96] per year. Others will be caught by surprise. iOS developers who live in the UK and Germany, for example, get the increase in the cost of the program.

According to the report, iPhone and iPad developers from Germany have to pay €99 [around $118] instead of €80 and their colleagues from the United Kingdom get the price tweak from £60 to £79 [nearly $120] per year.

It is not clear if in other countries the cost of the dev program has increased or remained the same as it was in 2014. Does it mean that the American developers could also see the new cost in the future?

Right now the U.S. devs who make iOS and Mac applications pay $99 a year to enroll in the Developer program. Could Apple changes come to the United States and offer new price to devs as well?


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