Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Apple Pay Release In Canada Sometime In March

Users should expect Apple Pay release in Canada currently scheduled for March 2015. As, according to sources, Apple wants to expand its mobile payment service.

Sources state that at present time partners carry on negotiations that are concerning the launch date settled to be sometime in the early 2015. Now representatives of Apple and Canadian release partners are currently planning promotions and other advertising materials for March. It indicates that mobile payment service could be released exactly as that time.

As it is not full two months, active discussions possible could fail to result Apple Pay release in March. Although few sources said that Apple is currently targeting that timeframe.

Apple new payment service was first released in the U.S. in October and almost weekly has added new banks and card issuers to its list of supported partners. Currently, Apple Pay is only available to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners in the United States. Last month the company stated that cards that it now supports make up around 90% of US credit cards by transaction volume. It also announced that they plan to support over 500 banks on the US territory.

First the indication of international expansion for Apple Pay appeared when company posted job listings seeking persons who will help to roll out its payment service in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and India. Other hint was the expansion into the UK for the first half of 2015 year.

At present time cards tired to Apple Pay are confirmed to work abroad at supported NFC terminals. To that fact that company officially released this service only in the US for banks, card issuers and retailers accepting the payment service in stores and apps.

March could become the day of Apple Pay release in Canada together with Apple Watch launch in US.


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