Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C 3.11.00 Baseband

Have you tried to unlock baseband 3.11.00 with different software and hardware tool and failed to become forever SIM free? We must say that such tools cannot guarantee permanent unlock iPhone 5S iOS 8.0 (8.0.1, 8.0.2) and 8.1 (8.1.1) solution and most of them don’t even support these firmware versions yet.

Is it necessary to wait till different companies update their R-SIM or use turbo SIM like GEVEY SIM and similar methods and stay locked for as long as they are working or even not working on the upgrading?

Honestly, do you want to keep waiting? Order 3.11.00 unlock now and get rid of the restrictions from being locked to one network since this is not fun at all when you are not even able to switch to a different carrier.

Unlock iPhone 5S 3.11.00 Pros and Cons

Let’s being with cons. There are none of them. Factory IMEI unlock has nothing similar with software and hardware unlocks. This is the only permanent service that supports all Apple smartphone models, including iPhone 5S, and can unlock firmware 3.11.00 and any other baseband.

Now it’s time to mention all the cons. As reported by trusted DigitalUnlocking team, modern baseband 3.11.00 unlock is safe to do. Your warranty stays untouched. The devices becomes unlocked for a lifetime and it will just remain unlocked no matter how you use your iPhone 5S / 5c.

Such service is legit, allowed across the world and supported by Apple. Needless to say, it is highly popular among millions of people across the world.

When you unlock iPhone 5S baseband 3.11.00 you will feel all these advantages and even more. You can update modem 3.11.00 to a different newer version and still be unlocked. Isn’t it great?

Here is shortly about all the advantages you get:

  • Permanent unlock
  • Safe method
  • Legit and official service
  • Fast delivery
  • Lifetime warranty on unlock
  • Affordable cost
  • Simple to order

iPhone 5S Modem Firmware 3.11.00 Unlock: How-to

1. Visit DigitalUnlocking iPhone 5S unlock site.
2. Choose your carrier and country and enter IMEI.
3. Checkout and wait for email that confirms you are factory unlocked by IMEI.
4. Activate iPhone 5S unlock by connecting to iTunes.

Are you still waiting? Head over to the trusted site and order your unlock right now! It is awesome to be unlocked and this awesomeness is just a couple of steps ahead of you waiting for you to jump and shout “Hooray! I am finally unlocked from my carrier.”


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