Thursday, January 8, 2015

New iOS Beta Testing Rules: Retail Employees Are in the Game

Have you ever thought how cool it is to be among the first people who are seeded iOS 8 beta testing versions? Devs surely share the direct links with ordinary users who also like to peer inside the new operating system from Apple, but from now on the Cupertino-based giant changes the rules and welcomes retail employees in the testing game.

If you used to search for how to test iOS 8 for free and happen to work in selected retail stores you might be among those lucky employees who get to access the new versions of iOS 8 and participate in the pre-release testing program offered by the ‘fruit’ company.

Such access to iOS beta future releases is awesome. If this happens [right now a lot of reports say that Apple has indeed widen its testing option], it will be for the first time for the iPhone maker to expand its beta OS to retail employees.

The 2014 launches prove how buggy the latests OSes are. It is no longer fun for customers to receive the firmware that ‘just works” as people want to get the stable and less buggy releases as millions of them buy the new iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and other popular ‘fruit’ gadgets.

Some experts believe that iOS 8 introduction is the worst in Apple mobile firmware releases history. The company couldn’t make its new HealthKit and Health applications to work as both of them just failed right after they were shipped. Apple presents fast iOS 8 updates but each new version comes with more bugs and new problems.

Hopefully, once the program is widened, the new iOS versions will be presented to public with less issues and more positive impressions.

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