Monday, January 5, 2015

Vine Twitter Video Service Extension Release Date

It is planned to spread Vine Twitter video service extension for consumer usage. Instead of just tweeting a URL to a video elsewhere, Twitter wants users to actually upload videos to its site to keep engagement and also sell consumers products through advertisements.

Back in November 2014 on a conference call, the company claimed that it will release a native video service in the first part of 2015 as part of its big strategy to settle itself as a media platform and beat the service from Google - YouTube..

On Friday evening with limited access the Twitter Video website appeared for a short time, showing us some features that will be launched in the first part of 2015.

Its Video Player will show videos of up to 10 minutes, and it will not have some strict limitation to file size. At least in its first appearance there will be no ability to edit videos or schedule them within the player. And the Twitter Video Player will not support videos that are publicized on YouTube or anywhere else, just those on its own service. Twitter will support both mp4 and mov files.

In November, the company stated users will be able to edit videos right within the Twitter website and maybe app. Although the Friday evening version of the service showed the absent of those features. At present time it is just web player, and users can pick a thumbnail to customize how it appears on their Twitter timeline.

Kevin Weil, VP of product for Twitter said that users will have an ability to record, edit and share videos natively on Twitter. Alongside using vine Twitter video service, users will have fun with sharing what’s happening in costumers world through native videos.


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