Saturday, February 28, 2015

Apple – Samsung War Continues: iOS Giant Poaching Experts from Samsung

Apple chip suppliers are located in Asia, but the company entered into an agreement with Samsung about LPDDR4 chip production for the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. Such a report comes from Korea, but along with it experts rumor about the new Apple – Samsung war that goes on quietly between the two giants.

As reports mention, if Apple A9 processor suppliers are unable to fulfill the company’s requirements for this product, Samsung may be asked to provide even more chips for the next line of iDevice.

Samsung and Apple are constantly fighting for customers. At the same time, Asian sources note that Apple is hiring employees from Samsung giving them bigger paychecks along with other benefits. It is trying to become independent from its rival.

Some former workers from Samsung are already working in the California headquarter. They don’t have problems with language and enjoy the new job. The iPhone maker is believed to poach professionals and real Samsung chip experts.

It is interesting that Apple battery Samsung war is also going on with the iOS company hiring experts who understand battery technology, patents and can help the Cupertino-based giant to work on its Apple Car project.

Fans of both companies keep following the news how these two rivals who compete in the phone market can build such a long-lasting relation in other fields.

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