Monday, February 23, 2015

Check iCloud Lock Status Before Buying Used iPhone or iPad

Here you can find useful information on how to check iCloud lock status below. Each iOS device with enabled Find My iPhone option automatically get great feature that is called Activation Lock. This security feature prevents persons from activating your device without getting access to your Apple ID or password in case the device was found or stolen. Let's learn what you need to know buying a used iOS device.

If you want to buy used iPhone or iPad you should be very careful. Because you can buy an iPhone that has been locked and cannot be activated as it can be lost or stolen.

First thing you need to do is to have a look at the Lock screen. If the previous owner put device in Lost Mode or it has been remotely erased you will see a message will be showed on the Lock screen. It will warn you that this device was stolen or lost. But don't start to alarm quite yet, as device could be put in this state by the seller. We will try to check it from the next steps.

In case there is a Passcode on this device, you should ask the seller to type in his Passcode, then proceed to the next step. Here the seller should reset the device in front of you.

If you are buying the device from the first hand, then the seller shouldn’t have any problem to perform a complete device's reset.

Ask the seller to navigate to Settings > General > then to Reset >Erase All Content and Settings option. If the seller uses Find My iPhone feature, then, to confirm the erase, he will have to enter his Apple ID password.

The erase process will take a couple minutes or so. During the process, the Apple logo and a progress bar will be shown on the device’s screen. Wait for the reset to be finished.

Note, when the seller is making excuses and doesn’t want to reset the device, just walk away. In case the device has been reset, you can start going through its set up. Choose the language, country, and a Wi-Fi network. Here you will have to enter your Apple ID along with password. It is the case when you’re safe to buy this device.

Although, if you see a message asking for the Apple ID and password of previous owner or with the confirmation that this device was lost and erased, then it is the sign that something is wrong. Ask the seller to enter his Apple ID and password. If he refuses to do it and behaves himself suspiciously, then just walk away because it shows that this device was found or stolen. There is another way to get information about the device is to check iCloud lock with IMEI.

Before you purchased iOS device from someone else, make sure that the Find My iPhone Activation Lock is enabled and the device is ready for your usage. So now you know how to check iCloud lock status in case you want to buy used iOS device.


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