Sunday, February 8, 2015

How To Install OS X Dock On iPhone With Harbor Tweak

Here you will find out how OS X dock on iPhone. As it is not can be real that Apple will merge OS X and iOS in the near future. According to Phil Schiller statements from last year he dismissed the idea of combining these two platforms.

One of the jailbreak developer whose name is Evan Swick created tweak called Harbor. This jailbreak tweak combines iOS and OS X.

Evan Swick described his creation as “the ultimate dock tweak” and brings the OS X Yosemite dock to any device running iOS 8 version. The new tweak offers user a whole new way of launching apps on iPhone or iPad.

The installation OS X dock on iPhone or iPad using Harbor tweak is very easy. and to start to use it just click on it and then scroll left to right with your finger. Lifting your finger will cause that particular app to be launched. Almost similar to iOS, this tweak will make particular items on your dock “jump” when you receive a push notification. Also you will see the small black dot under each app to show when they are running.

The Harbor jailbreak tweak gives some indication of how OS X might look an iOS device. It’s a glimpse at the kind of hypothetical software concept which might otherwise be confined to the pages of a patent.

Harbor 1.0.0-13 has been submitted to the Cydia Store and is set to be available very soon for $2.99. Don't forget that you’ll need to have jailbreaken iOS device for this to work.


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