Sunday, February 22, 2015

Motorola Believes Apple Makes Customers Pay Outrageous Prices

Apple designer Jony Ive talked about the company’s competitor Motorola [iOS vs. Android etc.]. He mentioned that Motorola – Apple competition goes on. Motorola in its interview with media assures that it is taking an opposite approach to Apple and offers the whole product line accessible for customers. This company also believes that the Cupertino giant charges ‘outrageous prices’ for its devices.

Ive thinks that the company that allows its consumers to select from a number of color options, build the gadget of their dream and choose storage capacity ‘abdicates its responsibility as a designer.’

Such words couldn’t pass by Motorola and its president Rick Osterloch talks back about Apple saying that their strategy is directly opposite to Apple’s. According to this firm, Motorola Apple difference goes wider than only design.

Motorola is sure that the iOS giant charges its customers ‘such outrageous prices’ and it thinks that this is not the future. The two companies choose different plans and even the operating system offered by Apple is only iOS firmware while Motorola allows customers to select what they wish to run on their smartphones and other devices.

What do you think about the two smartphone manufacturers? Do you agree that the company must sell a gadget that you can build on your own or offer a completely finished product without any additional choices?

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