Thursday, February 26, 2015

T-Mobile News: Carrier Presents New Positions for Its Executives

The latest T-Mobile news follow the changes introduced by Verizon as this popular iPhone U.S. carrier has prepared the fair share of executive shuffling. The game has been supported by another American mobile operator as T-Mobile CEO John Legere has begun to create new roles for the company’s employees.

As it was reported, the carrier’s staff saw a new internal memo in which CMO Mike Sievert suddenly becomes COO and gets a new role. He was the Chief Marketing and now becomes the Chief Operating Officer. What will he handle now?

The news goes like this: Legere wants Sievert to handle more customer-facing motions and guide all operations related to consumer facing in business. Besides marketing and sales, COO position makes Sievert responsible for consumer care for all T-Mobile brands.

This might not affect iPhone 6 T-Mobile customers but the changes are to happen on other levels inside the carrier. Different executive workers got new names for their old positions and… more responsibilities.


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