Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TracFone Prepaid iPhone Carrier Punished for Throttling U.S. Users

TracFone unlimited talk text data users were throttled by this U.S. carrier. While most wireless networks are trying to get away from their unlimited data packages, TracFone was promising its subscribers unlimited text, talk and data all this time. This was its main staple for a while until the Federal Trade Commission decided to hit the company with the $40 million fine.

The news about TracFone throttling its unlimited customers [iPhone users and other smartphone owners] isn’t surprising. Different American mobile operators throttled their users during busy hours, but the FTC if closely following such situations.

TracFone prepaid iPhone and other models carrier is a big prepaid wireless carrier in the U.S. It got the huge fine after the FTC found out that its customers were paying for their unlimited data but got throttled each time they reached a particular amount of data.

Such things can happen to any U.S. wireless carrier that sells unlimited data and later throttles its subscribers. The FTC earlier reported such problems with AT&T and Verizon. It just punishes the carrier financially. TracFone will have to pay $40 million which should be a big fine since this company is much smaller than other big American carriers.


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