Friday, February 27, 2015

U.S. iPhone Carrier Verizon to Replace Previous CEO

Some U.S. carriers are bringing changes inside their companies. The new Verizon Wireless CEO has been recently named. According to reports, this American mobile operator is replacing Dan Mead. The new CEO’s name is John Stratton.

Major changes are happening to both Verizon and T-Mobile iPhone carriers. But while T-Mobile is just renaming its executive positions, Verizon changes people who are working for them.

Dan Mead has been well-known within Verizon carrier as he has been working since 2010. He used to be the President of Global Enterprise and Consumer Wireline and his position is now taken by John Stratton. Such information has been confirmed by SEC documents.

Mead hasn’t left the company yet. He is believed to stay with it for a while as he has to oversee Verizon sales in some areas.

Mead is planning to retire soon.

Will such changes inside the Big Red carrier influence iPhone Verizon users? Customers shouldn’t even notice such things as data plan pricing and details, the quality of service and new deals is what really matters to people.


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