Friday, March 20, 2015

Apple to Allow Users Trade in Android for iPhone 6 at Apple Stores

It should be possible to trade Android for iPhone right at the Apple Stores even though there are a lot of iPhone upgrade programs in the U.S. now. The Cupertino-based giant wants to allow customers getting gift cards towards the iOS smartphone purchase by trading in an old or newer Android device.

Right now the trade-in program launched by Apple allows users trading in their older iPhone that is in good state and working condition for gift cards or discounts for new iPhone purchase. Apple wants to extend such a program and involve more brands into it.

Once the program becomes available you’ll be able to trade Android for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or next iPhone 6S / 7 that is rumored to be launched in the fall of 2015. The news comes from some unnamed sources. Apple never included Android gadgets to its recycling / trade-in deals, so if this happens it will be really unexpected and can attract more customers to the ‘fruit’ giant.

The iPhone sales have boosted in the end of 2014 and continue to grow in early 2015. Apple is planning to release Apple Watch soon but not many users are eager to purchase this smartwatch, according to some reports.

The trade-in program which lets you bring your Android device to one of the Apple Stores and have it exchanged for the iPhone should kick off this spring, if the rumors are true. The iOS company hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

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